Turtleneck Thermal Shirt

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A turtle neck t-shirt inspired by the 1970s US baseball t-shirts. It incorporates the rounded hem characteristic of baseball shirts, taking cues from the shirt tail detail, allowing it to be worn with the feeling of layering a shirt even on its own. The material used is a fabric made from wool fibers that have been uniformly cut to a specific length and spun into yarn using the same spinning method as cotton, making it the first successful domestic production of cotton-spun wool. This fabric is highly challenging and had only achieved limited success by a few spinning manufacturers in Europe. By spinning wool like cotton, it creates a smooth and pleasant texture reminiscent of cotton, giving it a unique and attractive appearance that defies expectations for wool.

100% WOOL

Do not tumble dry. Spin dry in a short time. Wash with a neutral detergent or a detergent that does not contain fluorescent brightener. When machine washing, be sure to use a laundry net and wash separately.