N.N.P Regular Collar Dress Shirt - Stripe

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Based on the concept of 1970s British casual shirts, the Salvatore Piccolo Italian-made dress shirt incorporates the detailed craftsmanship of French dress shirts in its sleeves, collar, and other intricate parts. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted. This exquisite shirt is crafted using the finest Carlo Riva linen/cotton striped fabric from Italy, known for its luxurious quality. The yarn is carefully selected Egyptian cotton, spun in Switzerland's pristine waters, and stored in a humidity-controlled warehouse for over six months. Using traditional shuttle machines, the yarn is woven at a low speed, resulting in a fabric that has matured like fine wine. Due to its meticulous production process, this shirt has an extremely limited distribution, earning it the reputation of being a precious gem. Enjoy the unparalleled luxury and beauty of this exceptional material.

58% LINEN / 42% COTTON

Wash with the neutral detergent or the laundry detergent without the fluorescent whitening agent. Wash with the laundry net or turning the garment inside out. Spin dry in a short time. Be careful of color transfer to other items due to friction, perspiration, or wetness while wearing the item.