Cloisonné Deadstock Buckle Belt - Caiman Leather

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A belt featuring a vintage cloisonné buckle, sourced from dead stock inventory. This buckle was originally used in luxury brand accessories such as bags during the 1970s and 1980s, making it an incredibly rare piece that can no longer be reproduced. At the time, it was capable of undergoing a special gold-plating process that allowed for a stronger yellow hue compared to modern techniques, resulting in an even more elegant appearance. The belt is crafted using caiman leather, renowned for its rugged texture and distinctive tactile sensation. This material boasts exceptional durability and resistance to scratches, enabling long-term use in various settings. By incorporating the rare and wild element of the caiman's long tail and combining it with a thick, lined cowhide, we have created an item that embodies both strength and elegance.


Due to the characteristics of the material, please be aware that the color may transfer to other clothing when it becomes wet from sweat or rain, or due to friction.
・In the event of color transfer, we recommend spot cleaning the affected item as soon as possible. It may become more difficult to remove the color with time.
・Please be cautious as the metal buckle may come into direct contact with the skin.
・To ensure long-term use, we recommend using a waterproof spray specifically designed for exotic leathers, including caiman leather.
・Avoid direct sunlight, fluorescent lights, and high temperatures/humidity. Store the item in a well-ventilated area.
・Avoid using an iron or placing the item near an open flame.